An Interview with Steph Davis

An Interview with Steph Davis

One of the cool things about my freelance job writing for the local newspaper is that I get to meet people that I wouldn’t otherwise. I’ve interviewed and talked with lots of really interesting people through the last few years. Last week the editor emailed me and asked if I could interview Steph Davis. Steph is an internationally known, professional rock climber and a twice published author. I was excited about doing the interview, but nervous too.

Steph is basically a rockstar in the rock climbing community. She has been the first woman to free solo several routes that would make many climbers quiver even with ropes. After an incident in 2006, her life began to unravel. Her major sponsors pulled their sponsorships, her marriage was falling apart, and she found herself unable to enjoy climbing anymore.

So Steph did what any rational, sane person would do. She jumped out of a plane. Steph’s memoir, Learning to Fly, was released on April 2, and it’s all about her learning to face her fears and put her life back together through skydiving and BASE jumping. The book itself is a great read, and after sitting down and talking with Steph, she’s an amazing person. Even though I had a terrible cold that probably made me sound like I was dying, she sat and talked with me for almost two hours.

We talked about getting her book published, her new career ventures in town, and dogs. Because who doesn’t love dogs? Steph was even kind enough to give me the name of her literary agent to see if he was interested in my current novel-in-progress.

If you’re interested in reading more about my interview with Steph, you can check out my article by clicking the title of this post.


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