Dakoda’s Fight

I’m going to take a break from my usual style of blogging today to ask that you all keep my friend’s little boy Dakoda in your thoughts and prayers.

I met Dakoda when he was around 9 months old. He was a happy, smiling little boy with huge cheeks, and he was only a month older than my daughter. A few months later, that happy little boy was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors found a Rhabdomyocarcoma, which is a tumor in the soft tissue. Dakoda’s was located in his pelvis.

Dakoda’s first birthday was spent at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. He underwent a year of treatment. Chemo and radiation. IVs and tubes being stuck out of his body. He lost his hair. And through it all, Dakoda never stopped smiling. His Facebook page is full of pictures of him smiling and playing despite the tubes.

Last summer, Dakoda finished his year of treatment. He finally got to have the tube removed from his nose, and the line taken out of his chest. He was finally able to take a bath and go swimming, play with other kids his age, be a normal two-year-old little boy.

Since then, Dakoda has been undergoing regular scans to keep an eye on the remaining tumor. The doctors didn’t know whether it was just dead tissue or if the cancer was still lurking. For the first few sets of scans, things looked good. Nothing was changing. While it wasn’t shrinking, it wasn’t growing either. However, at Dakoda’s most recent set of scans, there was some change in the tumor. Today, little warrior Dakoda is undergoing surgery to do a biopsy of the tumor. There is a chance that it’s just fibrous scar tissue, but there’s also a chance that the tumor could be growing again.

So please, even though you may not know me, share this post. Share Dakoda’s fight. Because right now, this little boy can use all the positive thoughts, prayers and healing energy that we can muster for him.



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